Hen House Plans

Tips for selecting suitable hen house plans.


When you start a small chicken farm the first thing you will need is a really good Hen House and you will need to design it well but luckily there are a variety of really good Hen House Plans available. But which of the hen houses will be the best one for you? Consider these few tips on what to consider.


Firstly you will need to ascertain what your long term goals are. This will determine what you want to end up with. If you would like to make the most of your lot and raise a few chickens to produce a few eggs great but you also have to realize that you are taking on the responsibility of looking after some animals that need regular input. The trick is to get your hen hose set up to make your life easy!


Small Hen House Plans and Designs


Where you live and where you want to house your chickens will be a big factor on your hen house design. If you live in a city and only have a small lot you may not be able to let the chickens out to roam and forage. If this is the case you will more than likely have to build a fixed small hen house. This will necessitate you feeding the chickens regularly and mucking out the pens periodically which can be a chore.


The other option you can consider if you have a little room is to consider some designs for a mobile chicken coop. These are also known as chicken tractors. There are some really innovative ways of moving them around. You will need to build the chicken tractor strongly with a rigidity that will endure the rigours of being twisted and levered around. This can make them rather heavy and you will need a good method of moving them easily. There are a number of really good chicken tractor designs that provide both sturdiness as well as mobility.


Buying a set of these small hen house plans can be a really good investment in your long term lifestyle freedom and options.


Large Hen House Plans


If you have enough room to let your chickens roam free range during the day then you can look a the larger chicken coop designs. You will have to clean the chicken coop out at some stage so allow yourself some room to manoeuvre inside without being cramped. Remember that it is the hens who will live in there most of the time so design it for them primarily. You can collect the eggs from outside so entering the coop daily will not be required unless you want to have the freedom to go away for days without looking after the chickens


If you set up a good waterer your chickens will have a good water supply. If you want eggs then you will need to ensure that the hens have egg laying grains regularly. A good quality chicken feeder is a really good investment as this will provide many days food supply that the chickens will not waste or contaminate with manure. If you want to be able to enter the chicken coop to fill the chicken feeder you will need enough room to move around easily and this will influence your hen house design.


A lot of these hen house plans have been taken from well tested chicken coop designs that inventive people have developed through necessity. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel for these tested designs are available and they have material lists as well allowing you to work within a budget. Get hold of the good set of hen house plans and save your self time and money.

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