Building Chicken Coops

How To Have Fun Building Chicken Coops


If you want to have fun Building Chicken coops then you should follow a well thought out plan. This is where the fun should start. Most people put themselves under pressure because they have found that their chickens have quickly outgrown the small space that they started with and need to move very soon. If you can buy yourself some time while you build a chicken coop it will help. Improvise if you can by providing temporary accommodation where your chickens can get some fresh air and temporary grazing. Then sit down and work out your plan.


Step1 When Building Chicken Coops


First you need to determine how many chickens, turkeys or quail you want to end up with. Laying hens will produce an egg every day and a half as an average. It is easy to deal with a surplus of eggs and home grown eggs are very rich and tasty so you will be popular with your friends and neighbors if you give away unwanted extras. Looking after 10 hens is not much different to looking after 2 if you set yourself up correctly.

Determine who will be feeding your chickens and collecting eggs. Then sit down with them and discuss with them how many chickens you will comfortably cater for. This will be influenced by the amount of room you have available for them to range around and forage in.

If you build your own chicken coop it is a lot more fun doing it with other people especially members of your family. It is a great time to bond with children and Grandparents, so get them involved early on. You will even a support crew to organize the food and refreshments so get a team together.


Step 2; Make, or get, Some Chicken Coop Building Plans


Your chicken coop building plans are going to be the key to the success of the project and will determine how smooth things run and more importantly, how much fun it will be. Workout what sized hen house you need and what shape it should be. The design should take into account prevailing winds, winter temperatures and the practicalities of feeding the chickens regularly. You will want to keep your hens happy to keep them laying eggs so look at all the factors including feeding logistics that will keep them happy.

If you are not a carpenter that it will pay off to invest in a set of professional chicken coop building plans. They are relatively cheap and you will get step by step instructions on how to build a chicken coop. The plans are well thought out and you can choose from many different designs some of which will suit you better than others.

If you have to conform to local building regulations then these well laid out chicken coop building plans will prove to be a real asset, allowing you to breeze through any applications. You will be able to use the material lists to ensure you have everything you need as well as being able to cost the project out. Turn it into a glorified shopping trip that the group chooses.



Step 3; Have FUN Building Your Own Chicken Coop


If you have planned everything your little project will go really well and you can have your whole team involved. Whether it be you and your dog or the whole neighborhood you can all have a heck of a lot of fun and everybody gets to learn how to build a chicken coop as a team. These are skills that transgress into other aspects of life. Teamwork is a skill that has to be learned and it reflects in all of our lives in both work and play.

This is our way of having fun building chicken coops and we hope you have fun too.

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